Welcome to Sérénité Studio, a wellness massage center in Sommières, southern France.


"Sérénité Studio" is a massage center situated in the heart of the medieval and touristic tow of Sommières in southern France. 



Between Nîmes and Montpellier and just few minutes from the town of Lunel, Sérénité Studio is a peaceful and relaxing place enterely dedicated to wellbeing.



Take a time for yourself , a time to soothe the body and to calm the mind. 



Ananda will welcome you in this place with intuitive massages inspired by traditionnals techniques from around the world. (Ayurvedic, thailandese, japanese, reflexology ... )    


Tailored to meet individual needs, they have a part in a more global and holistic lifestyle. 

How can I go to "Sérénité Studio"  ?

Sérénité Studio 

11 rue Marx Dormoy, 30250 Sommières  (Gard)