ananda damman massage therapist personal trainer

Ananda DAMMAN 

Massage therapist and personal trainer 



It all began when I was a kid... My parents used to travel a lot and where very interested by alternative therapies. It fueled my interest in other cultures and their relation  to health and well-being. 


Despite this, it took me some times to really dip into the well-being as a professional. 

I studied sports in the university, I have a licence as a sport trainer and I became a fitness teacher, wich can be seen as a well-being vocation, but that wasn't enough. 


In 2012 I started studying massage with a therapist friend who taught me the rudiment in relaxation massage. 

Then, in 2014 I met Hazel, an Ayurvedic center owner and ayurvedic massages therapist, she trained me for 5 months and hired me as a therapist in the Samadhi Center situated in Dublin, Ireland. 


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